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2015 30th Anniversary Gala

2014 Copper Club Social

2014 Spring Golf Tournament

2014 Blue Book Event

2014 OnSite Temp Housing Open House

Daisy Mountain Fire Department Toy Drop

2013 Fall Golf Tournament

Price Kong Networking Social 8-22-2013

ASA Membership Committee Mixer 2013

2013 Annual Member Meeting and Elections Dinner

2013 Spring Golf Tournament

2013 Blue Book Networking Social

2013 ASA Business Forum and Convention

2013 Copper Club Fundraiser

2013 Eyesite Social

2013 Minard Ames 7th Annual Joint Mixer

2013 Safety Demonstration Fall Protection

2013 Tutor Perini Phoenix Children's Museum

2012 Holiday Celebration

2012 Fall Golf Tournament and Fundraiser

ASA Champions Academy 2012

2012 Joint ASA and ASPE Dinner Meeting

2012 June Border Construction Social

2012 Annual Business Planning Meeting

2012 Annual Dinner Meeting

2012 Bowling Tournament

2012 Spring Golf Tournament

2012 Annual Joint Luncheon

2012 Magnum Groundhog Day Celebration

2012 Subcontractor Appreciation Night

2011 Holiday Open House

2011 October Networking Social

2011 Fall Golf Tournament

2011 CORE Construction Social

2011 Critical Issues Update

2011 Hensel Phelps Social

2011 Spring Golf Tournament

2011 Annual Joint Luncheon

2011 Red and White Brew Fundraiser

2011 L&L Asphalt Social

2011 SLDF Fundraiser

2011 Andreas Closet Toy Drive

2010 AZSAE Annual Awards Celebration

2010 Holiday Open House

2010 Tempe Pub Crawl

2010 National Bank of Arizona Social

2010 Executive Director of the Year

2010 Red White and Brew Fundraiser

2010 Spring Golf Tournament

25th Anniversay Gala

2009 Spring Golf Tournament

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ASA Hensel Phelps Networking Social 10/2013

Annual Joint ASA & ASPE Dinner Meeting

2012 Golf Fundraiser

2011 Holiday Open House

Red White & Brew Fundraiser

25th Anniversary Gala

Joint Mixer

GC Speed Dating


Subcontractor Resumes